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The law of Wills in contained in RCW 11.12. A Will can leave gifts to a Trust pursuant to RCW 11.12.250.

You can review court cases relating to Wills in Wasington at the link below:

Washington Court Cases Regarding Wills


You Choose Your Administrator & Beneficiaries

The Washington Legislature has already essentially written a Will for everyone called the Intestacy Statute. Intestate means dying without a Will & Testament. A person who makes a Will is called the Testator. Most people just use the default provisions provided.

Historically, a Will was used to give real property and a Testament was used to give personal property, but the term Will has come to include all property.

You have the right to override the automatic provisions, and substitute your own wishes by signing a Will. There are several reasons for doing so.

  1. You choose your Personal Representative (Executor).
  2. You choose your beneficiaries.
  3. You waive the bond requirement (the PR having to pay money to carry out the duties).
  4. A PR may renounce the duties if required to pay.
  5. You grant non-intervention powers, so the PR doesn’t have to ask the Court for permission to act. A PR may renounce the duties if required to go through the potentially costly and time-consuming process of filing Motions and setting them for hearings.
  6. You list items of sentimental value such as jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, photographs, and scrapbooks that may mean a lot to particular surviving loved ones.

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See a Sample Last Will & Testament Below:



I, JANE DOE (BORN 07-19-1971), pursuant to the laws of the State of Washington, particularly RCW § 11.12.010, being of lawful age and sound mind and memory, and not acting under any duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence, revoke all my former Wills and Codicils, and declare this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament disposing of all of my property at death.

King County has a Will Repository into which Wills of living people can be kept for 100 years for $20 (RCW § 11.12.265).

I require my Personal Representative to pay all of my taxes, debts, and expenses of my last illness, as soon after my death as is possible.


I declare that I am married, that my spouse’s name is JOHN DOE (BORN 02-11-1979), and that I have the following children: CHILD ONE (BORN 02-24-1997) and CHILD TWO (BORN 10-09-2001). If applicable, JANE DOE, pursuant to RCW § 11.88.080, appoints BOB JONES, and then SALLY JOHNSON, IN THAT ORDER, as guardian of the person of any and all minor children of the Testator.


I appoint my spouse, JOHN DOE, and then BOB JONES, and then SALLY JOHNSON, and then CHILD ONE (BORN 02-24-1997), and then CHILD TWO (BORN 10-09-2001), IN THAT ORDER, as Personal Representative of my Estate. The Personal Representative is to serve WITH NON-INTERVENTION POWERS (RCW § 11.68.090), WITHOUT BOND (RCW §11.28.185), and asks that the Court not appoint a guardian ad litem pursuant to RCW § 11.96A.160 for any minor children, if applicable. I give my Personal Representative full power and discretion to administer my Estate according to my wishes contained in my Will or Trust.


I give my entire Estate to my spouse, JOHN DOE. This includes any property acquired after the date of this Will pursuant to RCW § 11.12.190. If JOHN DOE is not living, then I give my entire Estate to the Successor Trustee of THE DOE FAMILY REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST (DATED 04/22/2020) (Abbreviated: “DOE FAMILY TRUST”) pursuant to RCW § 11.12.250 to be distributed according to the terms of the Will or Trust.

Any signed and dated handwritten lists of personal property attached to or found with the original of this Will with distribution instructions pursuant to RCW § 11.12.260 shall be distributed accordingly.

FREELY SIGNED in the absence of duress or undue influence on the date below.



SUBSCRIBED, SWORN, and AFFIRMED to me in Bellevue, WA, King County, on 04/22/2020 by JANE DOE.

Christopher Sean Mulvaney WA NOTARY PUBLIC – KING COUNTY

License # 138371

Appointment Expires 09-01-2020

Page 1 of 2 of the LAST WILL & TESTAMENT of

JANE DOE (DATED 04/22/2020)


In accordance with RCW § 9A.72.085 SARA DARLENE ALLSHOUSE and JILL FREY personally appeared as competent and disinterested witnesses, were duly sworn, and declare that: This instrument was signed by the Testator, JANE DOE, in our presence and at the time was declared by the Testator as THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JANE DOE.

In Testator’s presence, at Testator’s request, and in the presence of each other, we have subscribed our names in Bellevue, Washington, on the date below attesting that at the time of the execution of the Will, Testator appeared to us to be of full age, and of sound mind and memory.

We hereby certify and declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the foregoing is true and correct.





14205 SE 36th St. Ste. 100 Bellevue, WA 98006-1553


Witness #2 – JILL FREY

14205 SE 36th St. Ste. 100 Bellevue, WA 98006-1553

Pursuant to RCW § 42.45.130, I certify that I know or have satisfactory evidence that JANE DOE, SARA DARLENE ALLSHOUSE & JILL FREY are the persons who appeared before me, and said people acknowledged that they signed this instrument and acknowledged it to be their free and voluntary act for the uses and purposes mentioned in the instrument. Dated : 04/22/2020.

Christopher Sean Mulvaney WA NOTARY PUBLIC – KING COUNTY

License # 138371

Appointment Expires 09-01-2020

Tangible Personal Property Memorandum

The inclusion of this memorandum on the second page of my Will serves only as a reminder that pursuant to RCW § 11.12.260, in my Will I have indicated that I may dispose of one or more items of my tangible personal property in writings. Any signed and dated documents found with this Will are those writings.

I may list items on a separate piece of paper, sign and date, with a description of the item, who I want to receive it, and the date I made the decision.

My Personal Representative shall distribute the following items of tangible personal property of mine to the designated recipients as if this Memorandum had been incorporated into my Will pursuant to RCW § 11.12.255. See Attached.

Page 2 of 2 of the LAST WILL & TESTAMENT of

JANE DOE (DATED 04/22/2020)









(DATED 04/22/2020)

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