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Compassionate Legal Counsel During A Difficult Time

The death of a loved one is never easy. As an experienced probate attorney, I understand the personal and legal challenges people face after losing someone. I provide compassionate and sound legal counsel to those who need assistance with estate administration.

An excellent source of Washington State probate information is found at the link below:

Probate is the court-supervised process for acknowledging the authority of a person (the Personal Representative) to act regarding a deceased person’s estate. Actions typically include: carrying out burial or cremation wishes, funeral arrangements, an inventory of all property and debt, notice to all beneficiaries and creditors, sale of assets, payments to creditors, preparation of a final tax return, and distribution to beneficiaries.

The basic documents needed to open a probate are a certified copy of a death certificate, petition, order, oath, and inventory.

Depending on whether your loved one had a Will, you may have to post a bond and file a Motion and provide notice of a hearing for your actions. Many people who are tasked with administering an estate for someone without a Will, prepare a Will for themselves immediately.

At Mulvaney Law Offices, PLLC, in Bellevue, Washington, I work with families and Personal Representatives to navigate them through probate. As your lawyer, I will offer straightforward guidance to help you handle your loved one’s estate appropriately and efficiently, while maintaining harmony among survivors to the maximum extent possible.

Affidavit of Small Estates

Estates under $100,000 with no real estate do not require probate.  Assets can be transferred to beneficiaries by an Affidavit of Small Estates.

Affidavit of No Probate

Sometimes proof is required that there is no probate.  This might be needed for a surviving spouse to transfer a home or to prove to creditors that there are no assets in the Estate by signing an Affidavit of No Probate.

Top 10 Probate Pitfalls

If you are probating an estate, it is important to seek skilled legal guidance to avoid significant pitfalls that can lead to legal troubles and rifts in families. Common pitfalls include:

1. No will
2. No witnesses of will
3. Poor choice of personal representative
4. Personal representative not communicating with beneficiaries
5. Disagreements among beneficiaries
6. Disagreement between beneficiaries and personal representative
7. Inadequate inventory
8. Personal representative acting without beneficiary consent
9. Failure to secure estate property
10. Lack of focus on emotional impact of death and relationships among
surviving loved ones

Free Probate Law Consultations

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