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Mulvaney Law Offices, PLLC

14205 SE 36th St Suite 100, Bellevue, WA

4.7 Out of 5 Stars

Lauri Kennedy

a month ago

If you’re needing a knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy attorney to help with an estate plan, I highly recommend Chris Mulvaney. He made this sometimes overwhelming, but important life-time process a breeze, without worry. The peace of mind his service provides is very worthwhile for you, and your family.

Preston Rutherford

4 weeks ago

Great estate planning experience!

Chris did a great job and talked my wife and I through the estate planning process. We are both pleased with the end result.


a month ago

I worked with Chris for my family estate planning. Chris was very helpful and great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for estate planning attorney.

Victoe Li

a month ago

Christopher is so helpful and he explained a lot of related things to me to help me understand what can be done in prior. He made the whole process including the document preparing a breeze.

Julie Rogers

11 months ago-

My family has recently endured a number of medical issues that has led to financial hardship. The severity of the situation then led me to Christopher Mulvaney. He not only helped ease my worries on the money front, but went beyond to address the psychological strain this situation has put on us. He displayed genuine concern and I want to share my gratitude.

Here are some of MULVANEY LAW OFFICES, PLLC Yelp Reviews

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I have work with Chris for my family estate planning. I found Chris very helpful, patient and knowledgeable in estate planning matter. He is great resource and I would recommend him to a friend.

Rob P.
My wife and I used Chris for our estate planning. When we met with him he was super consultative and had great ideas beyond the legal help. We absolutely will be recommending him to our family and friends!

Cynthia V.
Christopher Mulvaney is the attorney who drew up living trusts and wills for my husband and me.  I emailed him the information he asked for and within about a day he had emailed me back a complete set of documents that included everything pertaining to last wishes, like health care directives, wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, etc.  Fifteen pages in all!  When I started to read through it on my own, I was dumbfounded as to how trusts and wills work together to implement an individual’s last wishes.  Fast forward to my appointment with Chris.  He described how it all works together, in plain English, and now I understand the whole thing.  He is a great educator on a topic that at first seems utterly complex.  And he is fast!  If you email him on a business day, you’ll get a response within the same day or the next day.

He is easy to talk to and he takes whatever time is necessary to understand exactly what it is that you want, or don’t understand, or are worried about.  He is unpretentious and expert, casual and approachable when you meet with him in his office, and he knew the answer to every question I asked him.  As a result of working with him, my husband and I now have all those issues that people don’t like to think about, like what will happen to their property after they die, we have those issues all tied up in one little package.  Seeing Christopher was a favor we did ourselves and our children.

Mike F.
 Chris is about as good as it gets.  Without going into great detail about my personal situation, I will say that he was able to quickly, professionally (and in layman’s terms) explain to me how best to handle a situation I have found myself in and turn it around.  As a younger guy who is getting ready to get married, I wanted to make sure any issues I had were my own and not my future wife’s.  He not only made sure that will be the case, but also ensured that my financial future (which was bleak because of a huge special assessment on my condo) is much brighter.

I had scheduled a meeting with another attorney in the Bellevue area and was treated like a second-class citizen when I explained my situation.  I was also told that my legal coverage (who this attorney was a preferred provider for) would not cover, and that I would have to pay up front in case he couldn’t get them to cover it.  Chris was able to offer a free consult and also to inform me that the other attorney had been full of it–and that my plan did, indeed cover the services I needed.

By the time my consult was over, I wanted to give the guy a hug.  That’s a rare thing for me.

Koreen H.
We recently worked with Chris in our estate planning. He patiently explained the options and walked us through what could have been a daunting process. He’s trustworthy, personable and thoughtful in his approach. I highly recommend him!!!