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I want to help you. Doing so involves some risk. On an airplane, if you don’t put your own oxygen mask on first, there is a risk that you will not able able to assist anyone else. Handing small issues for people I do not know is risky. That is why I can only handle small issues for existing clients.  THE EASIEST AND BEST WAY FOR YOU TO BECOME A CLIENT IS TO COMPLETE AND RETURN THE FORM BELOW SO THAT I CAN EMAIL YOU A DRAFT FOR YOUR REVIEW.

MULVANEY – Estate Planning Form for No Cost or Obligation Draft

My core practice areas are estate planning and bankruptcy – the wheelhouse. The only reason I can potentially handle small non-core issues is if they are addressed for an existing wheelhouse client.  It would be like trying to buy half a grape from a grocery store.  You wouldn’t be able to do it, but if you were a regular customer the store would likely let you eat a whole grape for free.

A moral hazard can exist regarding use of insurance.  The hazard is that if a person is insulated from the consequences of not having to pay an attorney a retainer to ask questions, that person may be more likely to request small services for which they could not hire an attorney.  What is great about legal insurance is that it makes addressing those small issues possible if a person simply uses a covered service such as estate planning.  It is something everyone should have, it costs nothing out of pocket, and premiums will never go up based on usage.

It is estate planning that allows me to handle small matters.  Without it, I would be constantly telling people with small issues that I cannot help them.  I hope that makes sense.  Most clients who use legal insurance do not understand that they would probably not be able to hire an attorney to assist them with their questions because the firm has a minimum billing requirement of $250 for a small firm and $500 for a larger firm.

Dangers Of Talking On The Phone

Sometimes, a prospective client will call and want to talk on the phone about a minor issue. Talking on the phone with a client I have never met, who hasn’t retained me, is an unacceptably high level of risk of misunderstanding for which I cannot be compensated – even if the client has legal insurance for the issue in question. The reason I have made myself available to handle minor matters is marketing. The only reason I can address minor matters is to get cases in my core practice area wheelhouse. There is a conflict of interest if I talk to a prospective client on the phone (or engage in more than preliminary email communication) because I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news in an email or by phone.

The Wheelhouse — Death And Debt

The wheelhouse (In baseball, the zone of a batter’s swing range that is most advantageous for hitting a home run) of my law practice is Debt (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Consumer Bankruptcy) and Death (Estate Planning (Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, for Finances & Health, & Living Wills) and Probate). Cases in the wheelhouse are the ore cases that drive the profitability of the Firm – the money makers. I believe that facing head on these morbid subjects, the only two things certain in life (not just tax debt is certain), is the best way for clients to take control of their lives, and not allow financial pressures to crowd out what is really important.

Cases Taken And Not Taken, And Why

I am a transactional attorney. I do not take litigation cases. In addition to my primary practice are cases, I also takes cases such as: Uncontested Joint Petition Divorce or Legal Separation, Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements, Name Changes, Debt Collection Defense, Debt Negotiation & Settlement, Foreclosure, and Consumer Protection & Warranty Issues. These types of non-core matters are addressed for marketing purposes, since a practice emphasizing non-core matters would fail. A common warning among lawyers is not to “major in minors,” which is to say, not to take small cases.

5 Reasons to Hire Me – Christopher S. Mulvaney.

1) I care about the outcome of your case.
If I don’t believe I can give you a high probability of achieving your desired outcome, I would prefer you hire someone else.

2) I care about your experience of the process.
I am committed to representation proceeding smoothly, so that you are pleasantly surprised and delighted. At the end, I want you so say, “That wasn’t  nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

3) I care about value.
I want each and every client to feel that what they received from the  representation was worth what was paid and more. I am not the
cheapest lawyer or the most expensive. I aim for the place where the benefit to you is greatest.

4) I care about protecting your rights.
 I strive for excellence and continue to learn everything I can, so that I can stand resolute between you and whatever you are facing.

5) I care about you.
Addressing your legal issues takes place within a larger context of transformation from who you were to who you become after you have made the best choices for yourself under your particular circumstances. I am privileged to be part of the options and possibilities which open up to you having worked  through your legal issues.

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