If you are struggling to pay your bills each month and are overwhelmed by debt, it is time to learn the truth about bankruptcy.
There are many myths and misconceptions that can be harmful to people. At my law office in Bellevue I help people understand their rights, including the right to be relieved from the obligation to pay some debts under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.I also help people see their situation from the creditors’, the Trustee’s, and the Court’s point of view which helps to avoid mistakes and surprises.The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is a set of federal laws that is a compromise in the attempt to balance creditors’ rights to repayment against the harm to society which would result if debtors had no protection from that right. The public policy basis for the fresh start of a bankruptcy discharge is that it is better for the individual, and for society not to allow perpetual debt on which payments are futile.I advise consumers about filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge debts, and filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy to reorganize debts into payment plans before receiving a discharge at the end of the plan.

The Truth About Bankruptcy From An Experienced Attorney

Being responsible does not always mean continuing to pay creditors no matter what. There is strength required to face the fact of being unable to pay all of one’s creditors in full, and responding by filing for bankruptcy protection. There is no honor in continuing to pay creditors in a futile effort at repayment, especially if it means not meeting the basic needs of your children or yourself.

I am like a teacher who teaches the same grade in school for years. I am always at the change point in people’s lives. We only went through each grade in school once. The teacher went through that grade with students many times. My goal is to be like your favorite teacher in one of the hardest grades of your life. Like a teacher who doesn’t want you to flunk, and have to repeat a grade, I want you to never have to do bankruptcy again. I want all of my repeat clients to be estate planning clients.

One of the most commonly held bankruptcy myths is that you will lose all of your assets if you file for Chapter 7. In reality, there are exemptions under federal law or Washington state law that allow consumers to keep most or all of their property, and still discharge debt.

Consumers who pursue bankruptcy should work with a skilled lawyer to ensure they use exemptions as favorably as possible, avoiding pitfalls.

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