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In order to confirm MetLife coverage, the email address and zip code must match the email address and zip code entered into the MetLife website when creating your account.

DISCLAIMER: The use of email or this form for communication with MULVANEY LAW OFFICES, PLLC does not establish an Attorney-Client Relationship.

Time-sensitive information should not be sent through this Form or through email. 

Much of my practice involves legal insurance.

Here is a typical covered services menu with my areas of practice and those outside my scope of practice. Just because a particular service is covered does not mean that I have to accept every client who has an issue that is covered. My scope of practice does not include all covered services – no lawyer could do that. Even if a covered issue is within my scope of service I may just have too many clients seeking services at that time, and not be able to assist.

Since you are looking at my website, I assume you are looking for a particular kind of lawyer to address your issues.

I am looking for a particular kind of client to whom to provide legal services within my practice areas of estate planning, debt, and real estate.

Within those areas, I am looking for clients:

(1) whose initial email to me simply and briefly states their issues and how they found me (and gives the information needed to confirm legal insurance coverage, if applicable);

(2) who are willing to give me information about themselves as requested, so that I can know them better and prepare a draft of an estate plan for them;

(3) who are willing to read the estate plan draft (even if that is not why they initially contacted me) because they trust that I would not ask them to do anything unless it was important for me to be able to provide the highest level of service to them;

(4) to meet via ZOOM, to electronically sign via DocuSign, to use an encrypted shared Dropbox folder, and if applicable to use a credit card via Lay Pay to pay for electronic recording via Simplifile (I pay for membership and use of all five services to better serve clients).

If you prefer to work differently, by having a telephone consultation initially for example, that is completely fine. There is nothing wrong with that. It is just not the way that I work. I wish you the best in finding another attorney to assist you the way you wish to be assisted.

It is not in either of our interests for there to be a mismatch between expectations and services. I would much rather that you go elsewhere to retain counsel that matches your expectations than have a difference between expectations and services with me. I do not want unhappy clients. I work hard to prevent that from happening.

If, after I learn a little about you and you learn a little about me, either one of us thinks that I may not be the best choice of lawyer for your particular issues, then I hope we can agree to let each other know as soon as possible. This is the flip side of mutual assent to representation. If, after initial information gathering about each other, we both agree that I am ready, willing, and able to address your legal issues, then you go from being a prospective client to an actual client.

Something you need to understand is that the standard forms themselves are of very little value.  You can get the forms for free.  Not just from MetLife, but from other online providers (such as the website with the statutory language for the forms).  The value is in the understanding of what everything in the process means, and how to use that understanding for the benefit of yourself and your family and the relationships amongst everyone you list in your estate plan.  You can’t get that from a form.

My forms are vastly better than free forms, and contain many links to additional information.  One reason they are better is that they are continuously modified based on the questions and reactions of several thousand previous clients.  The mistakes of previous clients are listed as warnings to future clients.  No free “boilerplate” form can do that.

I look forward to meeting you and explaining how to get the most out of your estate planning documents.

Christopher S. Mulvaney’s Mission:

To Always Be a Human Being First, and My Role Second. 

To First, Do No Harm, then to provide the best legal outcome,

smoothest process, best value, and to make a positive difference in the life of every client.

Christopher S. Mulvaney’s Mantra:

May I be filled with loving kindness for all life.

May I be safe from dangers within and without.

May I be healthy in body, mind, socially, and spiritually.

May I be at ease and happy, doing good in the world.

I am an experienced solo estate planning, debtor bankruptcy, and real estate attorney.

At my law firm in Bellevue, Washington between Eastgate and Factoria, I do things a little differently.  I am passionate about helping people take control of their lives.

One of my primary practice areas is urgent (bankruptcy), and the other is important, but not urgent (estate planning).  Not letting the urgent crowd out the important is key.  I have made a choice to include the positive difference I make in the life of each client in how I calculate profit. This means I have higher job satisfaction, and happy clients who confidently give referrals.  

My goal is that my work is transformative for people during a challenging time in their lives.  At Mulvaney Law Offices, PLLC (MLO), you will not find a gatekeeper. There are no forgotten cases hiding on an associate’s cluttered desk.  It’s just me, working with each one of my clients one-on-one to resolve their legal concerns as favorably as possible.

As your lawyer, I will personally handle every aspect of your case. My office is not a factory churning out thousands of filings per year, where each case matters little.  You, and your case, matter to me.